All four versions were shot on soundstages and in historic sites representing different parts of Collinsport. Most of these locations still exist.  Some are privately owned and not open to the public. Others are recognized registered historic buildings, open for tours and special public/private events.


Daytime Series – 6-27-66 to 4-2-71

COLLINWOOD - Seaview Terrace/Carey Mansion

Collinwood was exteriors of Seaview Terrace/Carey Mansion on Ruggles Ave. in Newport, RI.

 In the 19th century, the region was a summer enclave area with individual estates owned by wealthy East Coast families. Seaview Terrace acquired its familiar appearance and a new name in 1927-29 after it was purchased and expanded by NY’s political Carey family. It remains part of the family’s private property and is leased to Salve Regina University as the Music Department and a student dormitory.


--- Interior sets were done at ABC Studio 16, 433 W. 53rd St. in NYC. Props, furnishings, production equipment, and support facilities all are gone now. The building has been used as a studio, storage area, and nightclub.


--- The Old House used exterior footage shot in 1966-67 at Spratt Mansion in Tarrytown, NY, about 25 miles north of Manhattan and adjacent to Lyndhurst Estate (see below). "Hudson Valley Ruins" detailed the estate and its history. The area "contained one of the densest concentrations of estates along the Hudson River," enabling mid-19th century "merchant millionaires" to build lavish country homes that still were close to NYC. Originally built around the 1850s, Russell Hopkins, son of a prominent Atlanta banker, gained ownership around 1907. Stockbroker William R. Spratt owned it in the 1930s. Later Anna Gould, Duchess de Tallyrand and then-owner of her father Jay Gould’s neighboring estate Lyndhurst, acquired the property. Lyndhurst eventually became part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Spratt Mansion sat vacant in the 1960s and burned in 1969, "leaving only trace foundation remains." The land now is owned by Westchester County and someday "may be restored and opened to the public as a passive-recreation park.... The mansion, which had been vacant for about 7 or 8 years, was used by the late 1960s TV show DS for exterior photography."


--- Opening Credits: Cliff & Shoreline Footage was filmed along Newport’s 3½ -mile Cliff Walk. This popular pedestrian/bicyclist path runs along the rugged coast and passes Seaview Terrace along the way.


--- The Blue Whale was the Black Pearl restaurant/bar on Bannister’s Wharf in Newport, often cited in travel publications for its acclaimed menu of local and traditional seafood.


--- Collinsport was views of several buildings in and around the seaport town of Essex, CT. The Collinsport Inn is the Griswold Inn, still in business as a bed-and-breakfast inn. National Geographic Traveler: "Since 1776, travelers have stayed at the Griswold Inn, locally known as "The Gris," which rhymes with ‘fizz,’ where the rooms sport colonial decor...and marine art at just about every turn." www.griswoldinn.com


--- Martinique, an island in the southeastern Caribbean above Trinidad/Tobago, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. Settled by French colonists over a century later, it’s a French department today. The population, culture, and history are a vibrant mix of native Carib, African-American, French, and other influences. The economy is based on sugar, bananas, and pineapple exports and as a cruise ship port-of-call at the capital Fort-de-France. Actual historical events, people, and society of the late 1700s are reflected in the DS novel "Beginnings: The Island of Ghosts." Authors Kathleen Resch and Marcy Robin based their story of Angelique and Josette’s childhood on Martinique on 4 years of research and a reference trip to the island. (For copies of the novel, please contact ShadowGram.) Lara Parker shared their research in her 1998 Harper-Collins novel "DS – Angelique’s Descent" (now out of print). Lara’s 2nd novel, the sequel "DS – The Salem Branch" was published by Tor Books in 2006 and is available at retail outlets. Lara offers autographed copies through her website.


**** Movies: HOUSE OF DS & NIGHT OF DS

DS’ original popularity led to 2 theatrical films, unprecedented for a soap opera at the time. Both were contemporary stand-alone stories with TV cast members re-interpreting their roles or playing new characters. HODS was a condensed telling of Barnabas’ release from the coffin and his obsession with Maggie as a reincarnated Josette. NODS was an original story about family heir Quentin Collins and his wife returning to the estate, which now is haunted by the possessive spirit of a witch hung for adultery a century before.

HODS was one of MGM Studios’ biggest hits of 1970. NODS was not as successful; its disappointing box office and the ending of the TV series combined to cancel a proposed 3rd movie that was never made. Both HODS and NODS were violently graphic; some scenes were edited for strong content. The lost NODS footage was recovered in 1999 but lacked a soundtrack and needed restoration. Up to his death, Dan Curtis sought to restore the excised material. It still is hoped that restoration can be completed. SG will report all official, confirmed developments.


--- Collinwood was Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, NY, along the Hudson River at the Tappan-Zee Bridge. Built in 1838, it is best-known as the late-1880s home of railroad tycoon Jay Gould and furnishings, landscape, and original artwork date from his years there

Lyndhurst: A 7-13 fire caused by a faulty electrical line caused "extensive" damage to the Maintenance Building. Five local fire departments battled the blaze and extinguished it within 3 hours. "In many ways, the workshop was the nerve center of operations," housing repair, restoration, "an archive of architectural elements," and materials, facilities and equipment "necessary to the care of this historic site. It is crucial to our ongoing preservation efforts." Insurance covers some of the loss but the estate hopefully turns to "supporters in the community" and beyond to help Interested fans may contact the non-profit Friends of Lyndhurst,: 635 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591. 914-631-4481

The estate hosts community, holiday, and social events, historic exhibits, cultural and horticultural workshops, speakers, receptions, family gatherings, and many other activities year-round.

--- Sleepy Hollow Cemetery near Lyndhurst is where burial and graveyard scenes were shot. Open to the public, it is best-known for its connections to 18th-century author Washington Irving.

--- St. Eustace Island Monastery was Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum at 295 West Ave., Norwalk, CT 06850. 203-838-9799..lockwoodmathewsmansion.org

The classic Second Empire Style country house was built in the1860s by banker-railroad tycoon LeGrand Lockwood: Later owned by importer Charles D. Mathews, the city of Norwalk purchased it in 1941 as a public park and museum offering "educational programs and examples on the material, artistic and social culture of the Victorian era." It was named a National Historic Landmark in 1971. The Museum also houses an impressive collection of musical boxes from the Musical Box Society International.



DARK SHADOWS 1991 NBC version

--- Collinwood & The Old House were different views of Greystone Mansion & Estate at 905 Loma Vista, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 310-550-5654. greystonemansion.org

Publicity: "This English Gothic Revival mansion, consisting of over 46,000 square feet of living space, was completed in 1928 for the prominent Doheny family." The "lush gardens surrounding the estate use a potpourri of Gothic and neoclassic architectural styles." The estate is a familiar filming location and is used for concerts, lectures, garden shows, weddings, receptions, and other events. The registered National Historic Landmark grounds are a free open park but the buildings are closed to the public.

"The Friends of Greystone is a non-proft organization founded to preserve, protect, and enhance Greystone Mansion, as well as promote ongoing activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of the public. All funds raised by the Friends go exclusively to benefit of Greystone Estate." 310-286-0119. Greystonemansion.org

--- Collinsport exteriors were done at the tourist seaport village Ports-Of-Call in San Pedro Harbor, south of downtown Los Angeles.

--- Shoreline scenes were shot at Malibu Beach near LA.

--- Interior scenes were done in some rooms at Greystone but mostly at Warner Brothers Studios, which is closed to the public.

More information about the revival series is found in Kathleen Resch’s "Shadows in the ‘90s – The 1991 DS Concordance" book. Exclusive photos, detailed production information, career biographies, and other material is found in available 1990-92 and 2003-04 ShadowGram print issues. Reprints are available.  Email Shadowgram1@yahoo.com for further information.


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