There's been lots of Dark Shadows related merchandise over the years.  Many new items are now available.  Here are a few samples.


MPI’s new "exclusive DS merchandise": a cell phone lanyard, mouse pad, bistro mug with spoon, and the "limited edition collectors plates" pictured in SG #113. Also available now is the "DS Bobblehead Collection, complete with all the characters! Pick up Angelique, Barnabas, Quentin, Josette, and Werewolf today! Each doll is one in a series of 5." MPI, 16101 S. 108th Ave., Orland Park, IL 60467. 800-323-0442. www.darkshadowsdvd.com


SG #114 reports on the new audiodramas from Big Finish Productions. These original stories are recorded by some of the DS actors.

The newest releases are: "The Skin Walkers" – In 1899 New York City, a supernatural group seeks Quentin’s powers to build their own future. "The Path of Fate" – Quentin steps onto a mysterious new stairway through time" and must ally with Angelique to help escape its swirling influences. The focus is on the characters of Quentin and Angelique, played by Lara Parker and David Selby."

"The Wicked and the Dead" stars Jerry Lacy and John Karlen – Rev. Gregory Trask is trapped in utter dark desperation behind the solid brick wall of Collinwood. Then "a stranger appears to him with an intriguing offer."

These new audiodramas and previous releases are available from the Dark Shadows Festival, P.O. Box 92, Maplewood, NJ 07040. DarkShadowsFestival.com

More information about all the audiodramas is found on Big Finish’s special website: darkshadowsreborn.com



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